February 25, 2018

How it Works


  1. The Snake Fence acts as a barrier to snakes too large to enter, and captures the snakes that do enter it’s openings.
  2. For very small snakes we have the Snake Fence Barrier model which acts as a barrier to all size snakes.
  3. Unlike chemical deterrents, The Snake Fence will last for years with minimum maintenance.
  4. The Snake Fence blends well with landscaping and is so easy to install that all you need is a hammer!


  1. keepsnakesawayWhen snakes enter the openings, The Snake Fence catches them past their necks. The elastic netting slowly expands until the snake is caught. The snakes don’t avoid entering The Snake Fence and once captured can be safely relocated by a wildlife professional.
  2. The Snake Fence acts as a barrier to snakes too large to enter the openings. As long as The Snake Fence does not appear as a solid to the snake it will crawl along The Snake Fence. You can lead snakes away from your property or to a trap with The Snake Fence.
  3. The Snake Fence Barrier model was designed for the smallest of snakes, so all sizes are prevented from entering any area.


  1. preventsnakesWhy don’t you bury the bottom of The Snake Fence into the ground? Because unlike metal and wire mesh products, The Snake Fence is pliable and flexible and conforms to the topography of the ground.  Metal wire mesh products are ridig, they do not conform to the ground, so they have to be buried or there will be gaps at ground level.
  2. Why don’t snakes crawl under or over The Snake Fence? We fasten The Snake Fence firmly and securely to the ground with 6” ground staples; three for every 5 feet of Snake Fence. One reason the snakes do not climb over The Snake Fence is because since it is flexible, it doesn’t feel secure to the snake, like a rigid product does. Please see the Python and Rat Snake videos on our web site. Both snakes are climbers but choose not to.
  3. Why is The Snake Fence the most cost effective product on the market? Because unlike chemical deterrents The Snake Fence does not have to be continually re- applied. The Snake Fence will continue to prevent snakes from entering areas for
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